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4 top tips for capturing the most authentic wedding videos

Let me guess, you’ve only just announced your engagement and already you’re subscribed to every wedding group on Facebook, and you’ve already got your serious Pinterest game on!?

Scrolling by all those gorgeous couples making magic on their big day makes you want in on the action too! But they make it look so easy and natural, and you’re feeling nervy and excitement in similar doses at the thought of it. 

Well, I’m here to say don’t be nervous! 

Whatever your heart desires you must explore – whether you’re camera shy or a natural, there’s a videographer out there with the passion and heart to capture the most memorable moments of your big day in your way.  

Now, are you bursting with excitement to find out how you can make your day as perfect as the ones you see in the ‘movies’?

Here are some tips to take the pressure off so you can create the wedding photos / wedding video of your dreams…

Let me talk you through it

Just be you

A lot of couples tell me about their dreams of having their own wedding film, but they’re held back because they’re either camera shy, or they’ve seen other films and compare themselves to how other couples interacted in their video.

My golden rule that I share with couples who feel unsure, is the same rule of life that I try to hold onto as a film maker, and that is: don’t judge yourself against others. 

The internet has made the world of information and content accessible to pretty much anyone, anywhere, and this is a great thing, but what we see isn’t necessarily what we need to be ourselves. The most important thing to remember is to be you. Why?

Because YOU ARE FREAKING AWESOME and you deserve a wedding that reflects who you are!

Don’t sweat the details

Recently I worked with an amazing couple. They were madly in love and we made a film of their elopement together, up a mountain no less. 

Before the big day, they expressed concerns that they didn’t know how to make their film look like others – with long stares into each other’s eyes and every touch, done with subtle delicacy. “We’re just not like that” they told me and it’s this kind of open communication that helps us capture the right style that suits you. 

I’m so grateful when I meet my perfect couples, who I connect with so well that they feel completely comfortable telling me their wedding day fears, and of course it’s part of my job to put them completely at ease. 

We talked through what THEY wanted – this is unapologetically THEIR day, right. And their desires were simple – a wedding film that captured their day and them as a couple. Working together to capture the perfect shots, we laughed, cried a little, and captured exactly what they wanted.

Golden rules

You don’t need to fake it. Think of this as a fly on the wall documentary about two amazing humans, doing something phenomenal together, rather than a scripted episode of your favourite TV show.

Talk to your videographer. I want to give my couples the absolute best possible memories to cherish, and I love their reaction as much as I enjoy filming with them on the day (cue warm and fuzzies). 

There are no stupid questions, so ask and request away! Ask about the weather on a mountain, should you wear formal shoes or snow boots…? Honestly the best I’ve seen was on a bride in gumboots on a mountain – it was authentic in the truest form! 

If you’re more of a private couple, we can be more discrete and film from further away. If you’ve not been in front of a camera much and are worried about not being relaxed enough, no problem – I’m great at breaking the ice.

It’s your day, your way

You see, when you just hold on to the fact that this magical day happens just once with your best friend, everything else will fall into place. 

And with a stellar team around you, we’ll do all the thinking for you on the day, so you can just focus on your special person and carving the next episode in your love story together.

Wedd Films

Have you picked your location yet? What about your wedding videographer?

If you’re ready to get your videographer locked-in for your big date, get in touch and let’s start planning the film you always imagined.

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