Married couple walk along remote mountaintop in New Zealand

Mountain weddings: what’s the big deal?

So you’re getting married, whoop whoop! Cue high-fives, clinking of celebratory glasses, hugs all round. Trust me, it’s gonna be awesome.

Whether it’s before saying ‘I do’, or after, the idea of flying to a mountain-top tarn, glacier or waterfall is something some couples dream of, but why not make it your reality?

With an increase in popularity, mountain weddings seem to be an ever more enticing option to engaged couples who are looking for something extra ordinary to remember their big day by.

Whether you’re a keen mountain goat, hiker, tramper or weekend warrior, there’s always somewhere you can climb to and look at the world from an elevated perspective. Aside from the burning legs and lungs that you’re trying hard to disguise from those around you as you summit – the views are sensational and you feel on the top of the world!

Let me talk you through it

Take me there!

The sensations and experiences from being in the mountains rival no others. Sounds awesome, right? Now combine that feeling with sharing it with your lover – the one you plan to share every special moment with forever, minus all those other people who are also gasping for air, and it’s just the two of you. It-is-special!

Let’s imagine you’re having a large wedding: 150+ people and a full quartet following you down the aisle, with the snazzy looking flower-dog pug (of course). With lots of plates spinning in the background you’ll undoubtedly have a wedding planner (or just a very VERY good friend to juggle it all).

Or alternatively you and your significant other just want to get away from the maddening crowds and elope, with a celebrant and a witness or two (pug dog optional).

Whatever you want, the options are pretty much endless for mountain weddings, and you don’t even have to hike it! Just let your imagination take you there…

You can book a helicopter/plane ride yourself with a local vendor (thank you Google), or ask your celebrant for a hook up. More often than not, they’ll actually have access to special prices with aviation outfits and also know the best spots to land too for your perfect mountain wedding.

Make a film to remember forever

Of course, let’s not forget the videographer. Three is only a crowd in a crowded place!

If having photos and video footage to capture your intimate elopement sounds like something you’d love, then make sure to flag this early with your wedding planner/friend of the year.

If you’ve already locked down a professional digital curator then they’ll not only have some decent connections, but they’ll also be able to take on the logistics of your shoot to get the best possible shots of your special day…

Picture this: you and your better half on top of the world with a glass of bubbly in hand, smiling off into the sunset, while your videographer captures every single blissfully happy moment…

Wedd Films

Have you picked your mountain yet? What about your wedding videographer?

If you’re ready to go flying, soak it all up, and record your adventure in a bespoke film or photograph album, get in touch and let’s create something you’ll reminisce about forever.

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