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What to expect from filming your wedding

I’ll dive right into this one because I just KNOW it’s a biggie for many of you!

You’ve either said yes to having video at your wedding or elopement, or you’re sitting on the fence about what’s involved in filming your wedding. Hey, maybe you’ve landed here because you want to know just what a creating a film of your big day is all about – if that’s the case, you should definitely checkout my ‘Top 3 reasons to have video at your wedding’.

Let’s go with scenario #1 and you’re all into capturing this day in the best way possible. To hear the sounds of your voices as you make those BIG promises to each other, and to rewatch family members as you fondly remember them playing games with grandchildren. Hiding behind your hands at those moments you watch back when you play your very own wedding film.

I recently filmed a beautiful elopement with my perfect couple. I was recommended to them by the Mountain Weddings photographers in Queenstown to film their elopement only a couple of weeks in advance.

Not fully knowing the process (I mean, why would they) they called me to talk it through and were totally open about what questions they had, which seems to be a wider theme when people are considering video/film for their day. So I thought it would be helpful for me to wind back a little and give you a crash course so you know what wonders you’re in for…

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“What do you mean, a wedding ‘film’?”

So, starting with the basics, a wedding film is a video, but told like a story rather than just random moving images bunched together. I like to think of filming weddings, elopements and engagements as a short, heart-felt documentary on two people in love, on a journey to create something amazing together.

The stage is wherever you make it, on a beach, in a park, or at a church – absolutely anywhere. The talent: you two amazing humans!

“Do we have to act?”

Because couples are getting a highlight film (more on this in a moment), the next question that comes up, “if the footage is edited into a film, do we have to act?”

Some couples and some people are into PDAs (public displays of affection), they’ll always be holding hands, hugging and kissing, or all three simultaneously. Others, not so much. They prefer to be intimate with each other in private. Much the same for introverts and extroverts, or heck, just the way you’re feeling on the day.

What I’m trying to say is, no, you absolutely don’t have to act. Filming your wedding is a pure reflection of you two as a couple. If you like to pull funny faces and make each other laugh – awesome. If you like to dance to Frank Sinatra together (yes, this happened on a mountain and was one of my greatest memories ever) also awesome!

When you work with a videographer or photographer we’ll probably ask you if you’d like to ‘kiss your partner on the cheek’ for example, because we know that this would make a really nice shot and we know how to capture it. A lot of what comes from the film is candid moments and if you’re unsure what to do, we can give you some pointers and (most importantly) make it fun along the way.

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“What is a ‘highlight’ film?”

Whether you’ve booked me for a short elopement, or a weekend celebration, you can count on the fact that I will be working my tail off to capture the best footage for you. When the last groove on the dance floor is had, and the last piece of wedding cake has been demolished you can guarantee that I’ll be looking at a LOT of footage. But you see, this is a good thing because I now have everything I need to create a meaningful and authentic film that has the best parts of your best day.

“How do we find the right videographer for US?”

I’ll summarise it here, but you’ll get some great tips on my ‘4 tips to get the best wedding video’ blog post.

If you have a wedding with 100 guests in attendance, then chances are that your wedding camera crew, (consisting of a videographer and photographer, or maybe two videographers for maximum effect) will blend into the background so much so, that you won’t even see them when everyone else is around. 

Of course, we’ll be spending some time together in a much smaller party before filming your wedding, when you’re getting ready, having first-looks and first-touches with your lover and also after the ceremony for those must-have couples shoots – so it’s important to have your videographers gel with your inner-circle.

It’s always a great idea to reach out and meet them in-person, virtually over a video call early on. Or if you want to ease yourself into it, send a written message over social media or email. Get to know them and see if you hit it off before you decide who to choose to film the wedding of your dreams.

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