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Top 3 reasons why you should video your wedding

They say a picture paints a thousand words – well if that’s true, imagine what story a picture in motion could paint?

Now before you start to visualise trying to paint a picture while in motion, which just leads to a colourful mess, think about it for a moment in the context of a video of your wedding, and trade out the paint palette for the hi-tech camcorder…

1 | The feels – on demand

This day (quite possibly one of your most important days of your life), happens but once. 

And that’s what makes it so memorable. But as we all know too well, memories unfortunately fade over time and lose the sharp edge that we experienced in the moment.

Now what if you could relive that day. Experience the feeling you had saying those two words, “I do”, and watching the reactions of your partner as they desperately try to hold it all together!

There’s a saying with filmmaking that the picture and sound are equally 50% of what makes a film a film. And it’s true, try watching a horror film with the sound off – you quite possibly won’t even need a cushion to hide behind anymore!

But less of the horror films…
When I make a wedding film, I love to include as much sound from the day as possible. Whether it’s people laughing or moments of sincere love, you can listen to those moments forever more. Check out my 4 top tips for how to get the best out of your wedding video.

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2 | S**t happens!

You’ve set the date, found your dream location and hopefully managed to get your special friends and family to coordinate their calendars and be there! 

Now, this past few years have taught us one thing – our plans can completely change beyond our control and at a moment’s notice. What’s more, things (yes, I’m talking about the big ‘C’ here) can have an impact on our lives for months or even years later. 

So, say you and your partner are all-in to get married as planned, everything is booked and it just.feels.right. You’re going ahead with the commitment ceremony with a few go-to guests who are able to make it, but there are others who can’t physically get there.

Well, that’s where filming the day, the ceremony and the speeches is a life saver. 

I’ve filmed weddings and elopements that face this exact barrier and I get it, it sucks! What I try to do is help in any way I can for your family and friends to be part of the day, even if it’s only virtually.

From helping you to set up a private live-stream to no-delay ceremony edits in your inbox within a week, a video of your wedding can save the day and share those moments around the world!

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3 | The People

Undoubtedly what makes a wedding so special is having everyone you love hanging out in the same place, on the same day! You can make it a short getaway, spending time in the days before and after the wedding to explore the local sights or watch the sunset with some drinks and a BBQ while laughing about ‘that time’ from your past.

Then comes the actual day, where everyone is all invested in you and your partner for the day that lies ahead. Watching you both commit as two people madly in love comes, it happens, it’s AWESOME and you want to remember your time together forever. Well, you can.

I’ve filmed many weddings where the newlyweds have told me afterward on receiving their film and watching their guests: ‘wow, I never even knew that happened’. From the friend welling up at the ceremony, who was always the silent type, to a grandparent spending quality time playing with the future generations at the reception, videoing your wedding captures it all.
These are the moments that make life special – so let’s video your wedding and hold onto them, forever.

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