Man proposes to fiance next to lake

How to plan the best surprise engagement?

So, you want to pop the question somewhere super special, like a remote mountain that’s only accessible via helicopter… or on a multi-day hike?

And of course you want to capture the whole thing as an everlasting memory… at the same time as keeping it secret right up until the moment you pop the question!

“How do I plan the best surprise engagement?” I hear you ask.

Let’s take a look at all the important stuff you need to consider when making your surprise announcement to your one and only…

Let me talk you through it

Location, location, location

Ok, so first step, decide where you and your soon-to-be fiancé would like to go. Make this a fun and inclusive conversation, rather than a surprise in case you begin to trigger those spider-senses and raise suspicions! You don’t want to blow your good-willed intentions at the first hurdle.

Mix it into a special trip

Now you’ve found a place to go, and it ticks all the boxes for you both.

Of course it doesn’t have to be a mountain-top. You might be more the beach type, or extreme sports enthusiasts – yes, scuba diving engagements are a thing! But remember the main thing is that you’ve got somewhere in mind that will be special for both of you as a couple.

You’re in love, and there’s nothing better than spending time with your partner, so go do something together and just slide this wee excursion into something that you already love to do!… Like a weekend getaway, holiday, road trip or go redeem that helicopter gift voucher that your brother bought you for your last birthday, wink wink 😉 😉

Team work makes the dream work

Find your memory keepers!

Most celebratory videographers and photographers are well versed in engagement shoots and are more than happy to play a supporting role in your love story escapades!

Take this surprise engagement: Jodie and I (Jodie’s an awesome photographer from The Good Wedding Company) concocted a complete cover story: We were hired to make promotional content for the helicopter company, and would you believe it, we said we’d like to film and photograph them as part of the promo shoot! See, we can get very creative if you ask us too…

Don’t get overwhelmed

Get in early with your rough plan and get feedback from the professionals.

Not only can we help with logistics, but if you’re going somewhere new, then local knowledge from your digital curator of some of the best peaks, lakes or beaches to visit, can be game changing!

Run through what you’d like – even if you don’t quite know yet. Just be madly in love and ready to make it super special for you and your partner.

Play it cooooool

Ok. The stage is set:
You have your camera team on standby, the helicopter is booked and the weather is stunning.

With a touch of magic in the air, you and your future fiancé are ready to embark on the trip of a lifetime (except only one of you knows it!)

Forget about the guilty feelings and the nerves of keeping everything so secret – they’ll totally understand when you ask the big question!

Now you can just immerse yourself in the moment, knowing that it’s all coming together beautifully. Gaze lovingly into your partner’s eyes, holding back the urge to drop those four-words until the right moment where you bring out the ring… you remembered the ring, right?!

The rest is the future… and the start of the next chapter of your very own love story!

Wedd Films

Have you picked your location yet? How about your wedding videographer?

If you’re ready to go flying, diving, hiking (you name it) and want to record your adventure in a bespoke film or photograph album, get in touch and let’s work together to create something you’ll never forget.

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